On the news today

they told us a story of Sorrow, Anger


there on the street in the middle of the city

While you and I sat across from each other

The world twirling and out of focus to us

as we watched each other’s move with a level of suspicion

that left our anxiety just within control

We searched each other’s eyes for some reminder

some remainder, some kind of recognition

our hearts ache with apprehensive anticipation

Memories flood in

of all the love, understanding, willingness, laughter

the tears, the pain, the lies we told each other and ourselves

Our phones ring and as we look to see who calls

reading it’s mom, brother, sister… wanting to know..

Are we Okay?



The moon flies high

and the stars shine bright

the trees converse with each other

rustling leaves in the cool night breeze

the world turned upside down

if only for 8 hours

it is the distant sound of a car

a truck loaded to the brim

that is foreign to it’s surroundings

and the grass and flowers

can be heard

whipped up to a soft

ripple of surging waves

in hundreds of hues

green, reds, pinks, yellows, violets and sunburst orange

And the world is silent, at peace.

I close the curtains

with a deep sigh

and sleep beside you for another night

before I can think to count

I am drifting through space

from one worm hole to the next

lightspeed stars shooting by

and suddenly I wake

the sun shining

dazzling and brilliant

through the curtains

trimmed in gold

beaded and laced

I turn to see you

look into your eyes

but something has changed

and I stir with a fright

I back away as you come closer still

reassuring me that all is well

I know I have seen you

for what has felt

like forever and a day

but you are not you

and perhaps I am not me

As you come closer

I cover my eyes not to see

and next thing I know

the sun  is shining

dazzling and brilliant

through the curtains

trimmed in gold

beaded and laced

This time I turn to you with a beating heart

and a breath, waiting to exhale

and feeling safe

I look into your eyes

but something has changed

I back away into a corner

as you come closer and closer still

I cover my eyes not to see

and the next thing I know

something has changed







Fish in the Tree, Bird in the Water

What do you see when you look at me?

Is it the same as I see when I look at you?

Your eyes sparkle

My eyes shine

Your lips Red

Mine the color of wine

Your words matter

so do mine

What do you see when you look at me?

Do you hear the soprano bell tones

riding the wind when I laugh

rising to meet your alto bass

an orchestra, a heavy metal band

Music none the less

to the ear of our creator

What do I see when I look at you?

holding your head

as it throbs with thoughts of sadness over the dead

pain in my chest for something familiar

and at the same time feeling so distant

“One of your own kind”

resounds in my head as I look away

searching for another like me

someone who bleeds red

someone who dreams dreams

someone who loves

“For a fish can not love a bird, and a bird can not love a fish”

I was once told

a wish? some story of old?

That was yesterday

but today…..

What I long to know is,

what do you see when you look at me?

Is it the same as I see when I look at you?







Hearts and Spades

What are you holding so close to your chest

Is it hearts or is it spades

what beats

what cuts deep

is a heart or is it a spade

One moment a warm embrace

the next a word, look, slight

that upturns the fresh soil of love

What lies deep inside

that cuts like diamonds

and bruises like clubs

Can’t seem to win

no matter what hand I’m dealt

is it hearts, is it spades

does it matter anymore?

All that’s left is 52 card pick-up

The ante has already taken my last chip

and bluffing doesn’t seem right anymore

show me your hand

are you holding my heart

or are you holding spades


Heaven’s Ballroom

Spinning, twirling

Euphoria is not lost on me

as the shiny black tiles

shine below my feet

I feel the sounds

of the clouds

beating lighting

melodious rain

and whistling wind

a symphony

a rave

I dance across the floor

hoping to see you watching me from the door

to see my muscles

the sinew and joints

my skin all aglow

as I sweat from every pore

marvel at your masterpiece

as I dance and move

with all the fire and coolness

of the kiln

from which I was fashioned

feet in the air

taking flight

as I dance across Heaven’s Ballroom

for the one true King tonight



Where Did We Go Wrong

Mikey was told

work hard son

you will get all you earned and more

Sussie was taught

Fight for the little guy

Stand up tall cause we are all equal

Johnny was scolded

for fighting in the hall

all over not wanting to share his candy

Max sits all alone

no one goes near

not sure if he’s a girl or boy

Mark wonders what dinner will be

or if there will be any

Tell me Tell me

Where did we go wrong

all those Sunday songs

all the talk about righting wrongs

And still here we are pretending we’re strong

Tell me Tell me

Where did we go wrong

Tomorrow seems like it will never come

still we continue trudging on

but tell me

tell me

Where did we go wrong

some day I hope to see

love and equality

being the only thing

but until then

tell me

tell me



When Night Falls

Soft against the silence of the night

I think of you

as the wind carries your name

I can feel the softness of your lips

as the wind brushes your name across my lips

I can not deny

I feel you still

When night falls

when night falls

I am wrapped in your embrace

as I pull my robe made of lace

closer closer still

as cool as the wind

my passions burn

warming my body

to your silver touch

When night falls

When night falls

and I see you there

in my minds eye

I am overtaken

glowing stare

stars shining brightly

I close my eyes

waiting to feel the moistness

of the dew on my lips

as your name passes by

When Night Falls

all I can do hunger for you

quench my thirst

stop this deep hurt

quench my thirst

don’t make me wait

When night Falls

When night Falls


What Heaven May Come

Seascapes all around

clouds touching ground

waves with out sounds

these are the visions that haunt me

flying high above

drifting far below

grasping for flowers

clawing for vines

anything to slow

anything to soften

my perpetual flight

down down down

up up up

heaven how far away are you

Climbing peaks

not sure what I seek

looking toward the sea in the sky

oceans apart

deserts so wide

Heaven don’t hide

let me touch you

let me see you

let me embrace you

as you embrace me

let the winds blow

the fires rage

Free me from this cage

worlds colliding

What Heaven may come